Friday, June 30, 2017

Day 065 Of 365 Days of Cock

"if you insist on having a cock in your mouth make it a penis!"

  I drew something very similar a year or two ago, but I wanted to bring this message to 365 Days of Cock without just re-posting the same one, so here is a revamped version of the classic... Even though I am a fat ass, being a vegetarian is a big part of my life, every one says that shit is hard but they need to take a dump because they are full of shit, I find it easy... do it for the earth, do it for yourself, & do it for the animals!

 I'll be at the Black Marble gig tomorrow night @ the Bunkhouse Saloon if you are looking for an opportunity to kill me or buy me a beer!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Day 064 Of 365 Days of Cock

 I am often amazed at how many of my friends that have smoked crack, my friend Bryan once told me that he smoked crack before it was even called crack, dude was a trailblazer... another time I was telling my friend Jack about all of my friends that have or currently smoke crack and he responded with, "if someone pulled out the glass dick I'd smoke it!" ...whether you like them or dislike them drugs and alcohol are a big part of rock n roll, as for myself I like getting drunk, drawing dumb shit, and listening to straight edge hard core, go figure! 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Day 063 Of 365 Days of Cock

Recently I was talking to a coworker about some movie he saw, in one sentence he managed to use the word “gay” around 5 times to describe the movie, usually I let shit slide because I don’t want to spend my whole time warring with people that use “shitty” language.

 I politely said to my coworker, “I have to stop you, I have a daughter that is gay, & I would like for you to stop using “gay” as an insult when you are around me”
He seemed to get offended and told me, “I wasn’t talking about the people, when I say gay I mean stupid, silly, retarded, & dumb”

I explained to him that I know his intention wasn’t to be homophobic, which is why I spared him the lecture, but I assured him that his comments were very much homophobic.
He shot back to me, “I don’t know why you are offended in the 70’s and 80’s it was wrong to be gay, but now a days it’s accepted”

I wasn’t quite sure the point he was trying to make, I said to him, “it was never wrong to be gay, & people that think so are assholes, but my point wasn’t to argue this, I didn’t even want to be mad at you, I just wanted you to stop using “gay”, as an insult when you are around me.
He asked me why I am acting offended, I told him, “Because I am!”

I then told him I can’t talk to him anymore and I walked away… I didn’t want to argue with my coworker, I didn’t want to be mad at him, I just wanted him to stop, which he wasn’t able to do. All I wanted for him was to just agree to my request and just try to be more mindful in the future, which I guess is too much to ask.

Yesterday the previously mentioned coworker sent me a text that read, “Hay Karl, sorry you took offense to my comment at work.” Fuck this guy! He will never fucking get it…

Anyway… this drawing is a “fuck you” to that coworker!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Day 061 Of 365 Days of Cock

"catch a wave and go side walk surfin with me... while spit roasting!"

 Today while watching the recent season of Orange Is The New Black they mentioned something about spit roasting, Bethany asked me, “isn’t spit roasting when someone is fucked in the butt hole while someone else is fucking their mouth?” I wasn’t sure, I never heard of the term… when it was explained to me it made no sense because I didn’t understand the cooking reference because I don’t know how to cook… so Bethany showed me a picture of a chicken being spit roasted and it all made sense… so with that said the inspiration was born, throw in some Skateboarding, a dash of Jan and Dean, and of course a healthy helping of cock and a new piece of dick art was born! 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Day 060 Of 365 Days of Cock

I originally started this with a different ending, the first idea was to end with Dick Man stopping the robber, then I thought a dick wouldn’t help someone in need & if they did they would only do it if it benefited them somehow. Think of all of those for-profit schools that promise you a career you are not guaranteed to get, & even if you get it, your new career pays less than your former job waiting tables… Another example would be those pay day loan places!  So half way through I decided to make Dick Man swoop in to save the day, but not for Bethany, but for the bad guy... because dicks don’t just do the right thing, they either do nothing, try to find an angle where they can benefit, or they make you feel worse for going through something shitty. I know from recent experience… my car was stolen a few months back and people would act like I could have done something to stop it, or worse they insulted my neighborhood, & would tell me “helpful” shit like, “you should move!” How fucking nice… I wish it was as simple as just getting up & moving… fuck those dicks!

 I also had to make Bethany the victim because I am not sure how she would react in this situation, I would like to think in an actual scenario she would have bitten the robbers hand… let’s hope we will never know.

 On the punk front I am pretty bummed that I am gonna miss Radio Silence tonight with Chron Gen @ the Dive Bar, but I have to work… Next Saturday (July 1st 2017) there is a chance to catch up with Radio Silence @ Evel Pie, they will be playing with Pet Tigers, 24 Beers Later, & Water Landing… some out of town shows I am pretty stoked about are City Mouse with the Murderburgers in Flagstaff Arizona (September 10th @ the Green Room), then there is Swervedriver in San Diego (September 22nd @ the Casbah), & of course the next night I am planning on driving up to Pappy and Harriet’s for Desert Stars 2017, but they haven’t released the line up yet, so if it sucks I am gonna change course and follow Swervedriver around California… that is all, till tomorrow

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Day 059 Of 365 Days of Cock

Dickiedoo: when your belly sticks out further than your dickiedoo

enjoy the sounds of the Mike Pedicin Quintet performing the Dickiedoo!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Day 057 Of 365 Days of Cock

I got the idea for this from a guest… Cock on a Cock! I was helping a couple find lost and found, and one of the guys had on a hat that had a rooster patch and the word “cock” on it, I thought it was hilarious… By the way I am going to see Brett Vee @ the Velveteen Rabbit tomorrow night, be there or be square! 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Day 054 Of 365 Days of Cock

 I really didn't feel like doing this today, but here it is anyway... anyway a week or two ago I went to Williams, AZ and it was a fun get away from Las Vegas, the restaurants were good, the bars were fun, & I loved just about every beer I tried at Historic Brewing... the Grand Canyon was cool. but it was pretty hectic & I really didn't care for walking around all the gift shops, but the view was beautiful and the cliche is true it doesn't look real. The train trip was fun, I wish it picked us up sooner...

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Day 052 Of 365 Days of Cock

A remake of an old one I did a couple times previous, I didn’t want to cheat and reuse the old one but I wanted to use this concept for the 365 Days of Cock… In these times when we have an absurd plutocrat in office and the resistance is just dickheads in the pocket of Wall Street, it can get pretty stressful, so hang in there! Maybe hang on with one hand and give them the finger with the other

 Been jamming a lot of hard core lately, Champion, Betrayed, Carry On, Faded Grey, Panic, Breaker Breaker… damn, I think most of these are on Bridge 9, it’s funny how I can go through these phases where one week it’s power violence, then the next it’s Guided By Voices… 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Day 050 Of 365 Days of Cock

 I wanted to draw something big or funny for #50 but I had a rough day at worked, so tired of assholes who come to Las Vegas with the, "what happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas" mindset... they come here and literally shit on our city, and treat the employees like shit...

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Day 048 Of 365 Days of Cock

If you come to Las Vegas and insist on jerking off in the casino, please don’t ejaculate on the slot machines! I only mention this because I got a handful of sperm when I attempted to fix a slot machine this morning! No joke! Who does that shit? It was so fucking disgusting… 

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Day 046 Of 365 Days of Cock

Day 46… damn, I had a lot of fun on my Williams trip, but wow I am pooped… if you like to party Williams, Arizona is a pretty fun little town to get your drink on. Looks like while I was on my road trip some racists around the country took part in a March Against Sharia. It surprises me that conservatives would have an issue with Sharia Law, they hate the gays, like to control woman, & love to get tough on crime…. Blah, blah, blah, these fucks don’t give a shit about protesting Sharia Law they just want to say, “fuck you” to the Muslim’s… it embarrasses me to see racists marching in the streets. I worry that this is a great excuse for hard core racists to rub elbows with run of the mill racists (AKA everyone’s racist uncle types), & recruit some of these fucks into the (bowel) movement… Fuck these dicks!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Day 044 Of 365 Days of Cock

Here is my tribute to 2 Tone Ska, Ska is a genre I either love or it does little for me, but I absolutely love these albums
Madness – One Step Beyond
Specials – s/t
Selecter – Too Much Pressure
The English Beat – I Just Can’t Stop It
Bad Manners – Ska ‘n’ B

And of course Dance Craze is a great compilation of all the classic 2 Tone era Ska bands on one disc… well I am still out of town, so I need to get back to that 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Day 042 Of 365 Days of Cock

 I absolutely love Husker Du, from the first time I listened to them I was a fan… It was a chance purchase at Underground Records, I wasn’t completely sold on the album cover of New Day Rising but I bought it anyway because I needed something to jam while on a family trip to Los Angeles… I don’t know what I was expecting, at the time I just wanted to hear extreme hard core, instead I was treated to something that didn’t fit my perimeter of what was punk but for whatever reason it fit in nicely. I must have listened to that tape like a hundred times on that trip & came back in search of all of their albums

Monday, June 5, 2017

Day 040 Of 365 Days of Cock

Damn, I made it to day 40... I like to shit and I like to skateboard and I need a drawing that has a cock in it... so here is a 3 in one! Speaking of Skate Or Die what is your favorite song with that as a title, the Old Skull tune or the Teenage Bottlerockets tune? or do you have another Skate or Die song?

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Day 039 Of 365 Days of Cock

The Morality of a Trump Voter, "I voted for Trump because we need morality back in the white house… now stop yapping and put your mouth to good use and suck my dick!" 

 Working in a hotel industry for the past 20 or so years I have seen this repeated over and over, the conservative guy with the strict moral beliefs and a cross pendant (or matching cross tattoo) that all he wants is his cock sucked by anyone that is not his wife. I have seen men who are staying in the hotels that I have worked at put their wives to bed then hit the casino floor looking for a working girl… these guys don’t even have enough class to walk over to the hotel next door to do their business. I don’t know if it’s the backwards messages on their Creed or Three Doors Down MP3s that teaches them that this is OK, but whatever fuck them… When it comes down to it, I don’t care either way if these people want to get a blowjob, I just wish they didn’t act like the moral authority when they are just as (if not more) immoral as the rest of us… 

 On the music note... I am currently jamming the Champion collection LP  Time Slips Away, which is a solid hard core record 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Day 036 Of 365 Days of Cock

 One of my favorite albums by Sick Of It All is their album Yours Truly, & on that album is the penis related song Broke Dick…. Well, I am in the last lingering stages of this cold of whatever the fuck this is so I am gonna cut this shorter than my pecker….