Friday, September 29, 2017


 It is super hot as fuck in my house, luckily my air conditioner broke at the end of summer, sure you can chalk this up to problems that don't rank as high as other people in the worlds problems, so fuck me! Our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico are suffering, so if you can spare some dough kick some down to your preferred disaster relief organization... 

 Anyway, since last nights Atari controller was so much fun, I thought I should add one from one of my favorite Nintendo games Super Mario Bros... Nintendo is another game system my brothers & I received thanks to my dad... we played the shit out of it, & I shit you not we were the first people in our neighborhood to have one, everyone was at our house to play along with us, we were pretty hot shit for about 2 seconds... anyway, this is a Goomba from Super Mario and it took little to no tweaking to make it look like a penis... I have to go, it is hot as fuck and time for another beer, have you tried those Unita Ready Set Gose? Pretty damn tasty! 

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