Saturday, September 30, 2017


The FEST 16 is coming up, so I thought I would do a !!Bonus Cock!! to honor it... I have been to FEST quite a few times and have been pretty bummed that I have missed it the last few years... one of the bands I discovered at the first FEST I went to was Vaginasore Jr, I love Dinosaur Jr and I love stupid puns so I had to check them out, turned out I dug them, but why wouldn't I? Turns out they had members from bands I already loved such as Clairmel, King Friday, the Tim Version...etc. I can't even count all the bands I fell in love with from going to FEST, but some of them are Unfun, Iron Chic, the Measure [sa], Blood Bath and Beyond, Lemuria, Too Many Daves, the Riot Before, City Mouse, Defiance Ohio, Municipal Waste...etc and the list goes on, I also made good friends, so I hope all of you that are going this year have an even better time than the amazing times I have had... damn, I forgot to mention all the yummy places to eat... 

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