Monday, April 23, 2018


A couple of weeks back I was pretty burned out on this but now I am feeling OK... anyway this one goes out to my friend J-Boogie (not to be confused with the DJ/producer). My friend J-Boogie is a sex pervert and I have no doubt that his penis will contribute to his demise. For example, a few weeks back J Boogie was driving for one of the major ride share programs when he had a passenger that wanted to have sex with him. They partied a bit, did some shots and drank some beers. Afterwards the couple went up to their (No Tell) motel room and J-Boogis's new friend sprayed disinfectant (?) on his penis, then J-Boogie put on some protection and they started to pork. Shortly after the sex began J-Boogie's sex partner ripped his condom off and started to fucked him some more, while he was telling me this I was already thinking, "STD". Shortly after the sex J-Boogie passed out then awoke to multiple people in the room that were gonna roll him, but he was too fast and ran for dear life...

...after hearing this story I told J-Boogie that he needed to get tested because he might have picked up the bug, J-Bogie's response to this was, "people don't give me Aids, I give them Aids!"

 I was kind of disgusted, I wasn't worried about him getting sick I was worried about all of the bar flies that usually end up fucking this gross fuck... oh well, that it is their weird hook up scene that doesn't value protection.

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