Monday, August 27, 2018

365 Days of Cock A.D. 047

besides J-Boogie all bosses are assholes, even the ones I like are assholes, fuck the Man! For every year since I can remember "the Man" takes the prize for Dick of the Year

365 Days of Cock A.D. 046

the onslaught of cock continues... Save a horse, ride a cock! Fuck Cowboys! Insert it in their corn hole or cock washer, unless you prefer to do the washing and the riding, it's fun for you, it's fun for me, and it's fun for them! 

365 Days of Cock A.D. 045

the war of the cocks... another one to get my cock count up

Sunday, August 26, 2018

365 Days of Cock A.D. 044

last night at the bar Bethany and I were discussing when the "alpha males" lost control of this country, and that would be in 1984 when the Lambda Lambda Lamnda defeated the Alpha Betas, every since then "real" men think they have been persecuted or some shit.... this conversation might have been drunkenly inspired by my friend running into a bunch of Proud Boys t-shirts at Savers, whatever... that conversation led to Booger's character and his T-shirt that read, "who farted?" and that leads to this...

this is the drawing I originally drew for the, "who farted?" t-shirt topic, but I forgot to feature a cock in the drawing, I guess I could have posted this on P.A.G.A.N. , but I figured farts and cocks compliment each other quite nicely 

365 Days of Cock A.D. 043

more dicks, another one to further myself into the Guinness Book of World Records... I assume that will never happen but it's funny as fuck... 

365 Days of Cock A.D. 042

a while back at work I saw some dude sporting a t-shirt that read, "come at me bro" not sure why you would wear a t-shirt inviting someone to pummel you, but whatever maybe he likes getting his ass kicked... the Proud Boys T-shirt is inspired by a conversation I had with my friend Jack, he told me he spotted a bunch of Proud Boys T-shirts at Savers, ha! 

Thursday, August 23, 2018

365 Days of Cock A.D. 041

All my friends they died!

 I am sure it will always haunt me but almost all of my friends from Woodland, CA are dead... suicides, and drug related deaths... for some reason the 2 craziest of the bunch are still here, fuck... maybe I am a narcissist and I always have some shitty thing I need to complete or there is always some place I have never been that I want to go, whatever I am just sad that I won't be sharing these things with my friends, whatever I love you guys!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

365 Days of Cock A.D. 040

 I basically drew this to help ensure my place in the Guinness World Record of Most Cock Drawn category... been trying to finish the Replacements book, which is a reminder that they are such an amazing band, I could listen to Can't Hardly Wait a million times in a row and not get sick of it! ...blah, blah, blah, pretty sad my buddy Hank is moving away, I love that guy... pretty stoked Hank is moving away and hopefully getting some amazing opportunities, I love that guy... I love Val as well! Good luck you 2 I love you!  

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

365 Days of Cock A.D. 039

No better time than now to draw cock!

Finished this one up just in time for me to get ready for work, have a nice day and I'll try to do the same! 

Sunday, August 19, 2018

365 Days of Cock A.D. 038

I saw mommy pegging Santa Clause
Underneath the mistletoe last night
she didn't see me creep
down the stairs to have a peep
she thought I was tucked up
in my bedroom, fast asleep
then I saw mommy plunge into Santa Claus
inside him with so much might
oh, what a gas it would have been 
if daddy could have joined in
mommy pegging Santa Claus last night..etc

 I don't know why I put off drawing this for a few days, but I had it in my mind for a few days... I was pretty exhausted last week, so I probably should have rested this weekend, but in usual Bakla fashion I got off work Saturday morning, went for a long walk, rode my bike, went for a hike, helped a friend move, woke up with a hang over, went for a long walk, went out for brunch, ran errands all day, put together a cabinet, drank some beers at Aces & Ales, and now currently getting fucked up again... fuck it... I have all next week at work to recover...

 For the last three or four weekends I have been giving myself a news / current events cleanse on the weekends, I like it a lot... I feel like I take more in the week and appreciate all of the bad and what little good news... during the weekend I can focus on more important shit like enjoying life 

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

365 Days of Cock A.D. 035

"Freak of nature
got a ten inch erection
a pimply complexion
man I got problems
I'll bet you heard
I'm completely misunderstood"

Inspired by the Ramones hit Freak of Nature, I know that there isn't a lot of people who hold up Animal Boy as on of their favorite Ramones albums, but I remember buying it when I was13 and liking it a lot... I have to admit that I loved all of the Ramones 80's albums with the exception being Subterranean Jungle... looking at the track listing of Animal Boy and there is still a lot of great tunes on there, Animal boy, Love Kills, Bonzo GoesTo Bitzburg, Sometheing To Believe In...etc ...I know I did another drawing based on this tune a few years back, but here's another one! 

Monday, August 13, 2018

365 Days of Cock A.D. 034

 I guess my busy weekend caught up with me, called in sick to work today and hope to fuck it's not another round of dehydration, that shit sucked... anyway I drew this Saturday morning at Vesta, now I have time to post it... saw Lemuria last night they were really good, which says a lot since I was starting to feel like shit right before their set.... 

365 Days of Cock A.D. 033

If they are game and want your plonker, wear a Desert Scumbag so you can bonk 'em!

 About 25 years ago my dad visited England and brought back a T-shirt for me from a British condom company called Jiffi Condoms, the shirt read, "if she is game and wants your plonker, wear a Jiffi so you can bonk her!" ...I told you that story because the other day Bethany and I were sitting in Vesta's Coffee and she asked me to make a Desert Scumbags Logo, so I whipped up this parody for Jiffi that Bethany quickly rejected... no fucking loss, I'll just post it here for everyone to see, by everyone I mean for the no one that looks at this

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

365 Days of Cock A.D. 030

Lord of the Cock Rings!

obviously a Lord of the Rings parody that has probably been done before...

365 Days of Cock A.D. 029

Last night my boss was acting like a royal dick, it was obvious that he was having a bad day and I can sympathize with that, but when someone takes their bad day out on you by pointing out that you are stupid in every way imaginable they must be turned into the joke that they are... I am very thankful for my boss for hiring me & usually I have a lot of respect for him, but last night I would have liked to punch him in the face. 

Monday, August 6, 2018

365 Days of Cock A.D. 028

the other day I was catching some bands at the Dive Bar when Bethany received a text from one of our mutual friends stating that she will not be attending the show at the Dive Bar because they have a bedbug infestation, now I don't know how true this story is, but I can tell you I instantly felt itchy. Did I have any bedbug bites? NOPE! Bethany & I drunkenly took off our cloths outside in the hopes of not infesting our home.... blah, blah, blah

365 Days of Cock A.D. 027

"I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter..."

I pride myself on not listening to mainstream music but for some reason this Katy Perry song has slipped into my musical knowledge, I didn't even know it was Katy Perry song till today... damn, I must have been drunk because I drew a lion instead of a tiger, I know I was drunk drawing this because I am drunk right now, fuck it! 

Sunday, August 5, 2018

365 Days of Cock A.D. 026

I was in a Nevada state of mind last night... I was super wasted when I started drawing these last night and finished them today while sweating out the booze...

365 Days of Cock A.D. 025

For whatever reason I drank a lot of 805 Blonde Ales this weekend, fuck it... here is a drawing inspired by that beer

Saturday, August 4, 2018

365 Days of Cock A.D. 024

Drop dongs not bombs... scratch that, fuck both just draw dongs

caught Arms Aloft, Guerilla Poubelle, and the Pluralses last night, not a lot of people showed up but it was a good time anyway

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

365 Days of Cock A.D. 023

 A while back I told you about a band my buddy Hank told me to check out called Perverts Again, yesterday I got their recent LP and their 7" in the mail, I fucking love it... great punk rock, for some reason it reminds me of a mash up of Flipper and the Mummies... I need the Perverts Again to play some where near Las Vegas and I would like to become their official artist...