Thursday, February 28, 2019

365 Days of Cock A.D. 251

B -"Jesus give me the strength to endure!" 
M - "Sure man, have a beer and by the way my name is Moe"

last few days have kind of sucked, my back has been killing me which has made me walk weird which has fucked up my ankles, on the positive the last few days have been pretty groovy music wise, I jammed a lot of music and have discovered that laying on the sofa with my eyes closed and taking in an entire album is one of my favorite things, it makes your mind go wild with thoughts

365 Days of Cock A.D. 250

A - "Bro, I don't feel good I have gonorrhea!"
B- "Come on dude, I have some penisillin for you!"
If you plan on hooking up, be safe use some protection or you will end up with an infection...

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

365 Days of Cock A.D. 249

I love the Supercrush - I Don't Want To Be Sad Anymore 7", I love it so much I am sure that when they reissue it in the future they might request some artwork for the record, so I thought I would beat them to the punch, so here it is my art work for the future reissue... 

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Monday, February 18, 2019

365 Days of Cock A.D. 243

"boom I got your boyfriend, I got your man! Fuckin' your man since nineteen ninety five, deep in my colon he puts his dick inside!"

Inspired by the Schwarzenegger classic Boom I Got Your Boyfriend

365 Days of Cock A.D. 242

This is your day Mr. President so do you boo, and keep farting out of your mouth...

Saturday, February 16, 2019

365 Days of Cock A.D. 240

inspired by my trip to Arizona (Tuscon / Bisbee)... Neko Case @ the Rialto was awesome, drank a lot of good coffee (EXO Roast Co, Beale Street brews), scored a bunch of awesome records at Wooden Tooth Records, checked out a few breweries (Rickety Cricket, Old Bisbee Brewing Company, & Tombstone Brewing) & ate a lot of yummy food (Boca Tacos Y Tequillas, Screaming Banshee Pizza, Thuy's Noodle Shop) & stayed at a cool hotel (San Ramon), I mention all of these places because I enjoyed them and hope you do as well.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

365 Days of Cock A.D. 238

Happy Valentine's Day!


I am heading to Tuscon to catch Neko Case, but before I go I thought I would leave you with some penis art that I caught in the wild

Spotted this fine piece of multiple pieces of dick art while walking my dogs around the Orchards

I also found this one while walking my dogs around the Orchards, I love the rocket dick with the caption of "ride me!"

Went out to Cornish Pasty and spotted this in the bathroom, I wonder if this has anything to do with Lazer Lavin?

Monday, February 11, 2019

365 Days of Cock A.D. 237

the Mummies rule! 
Picked up the Stronger Than Dirt 7" from the Underground in the early 90's and ever since I have been a fan of the Mummies!

365 Days of Cock A.D. 236

Hang Loose Hawaii... No can hear I get beer in my ear!

 I got into punk rock while living in Hawaii in the mid 80's, it was the perfect soundtrack for a weird fat kid... Besides the Broken Man demo tape I passed on scooping up the local demos & picked up releases from bands on the mainland & a lesson was learned, don't take things for granted... I just assumed I would always be able to scoop up a local Hawaii punk/HC tape, I was a little kid and I wanted dive head first into the world of punk & for some reason that meant buying an SNFU album instead of a Tarrasque demo, well I moved away from Hawaii and 29 years later I am still trying to track down physical copies of these things.

 Luckily there are a couple of sights that cover old time Hawaii punk & 808 Shows / Hawaiian Express, I put in an order to Hawaiian Express and ordered a Cringer, B.Y.K., and an Island Sampler, so I look forward to those... if you have a link to Hawaii Punk Rock stuff let me know

 Here is a flyer for a Broken Man, Tarrasque, & B.Y.K. gig, check it out HERE

Friday, February 8, 2019

365 Days of Cock A.D. 233

with a rebel yell they cried more, more, more!

365 Days of Cock A.D. 232

Fuck the no we can't Democrats!

 I will preface this by admitting that I'm a Non Partisan Voter that has voted for Democrats 98% of the time, usually I end up voting for the corporate stooge because they are no longer homophobic but are running against someone that is currently homophobic, policy wise they are slightly different but usually big business comes out on top.

 The inspiration for this drawing comes from a member of the "resistance"  that accused me of being apathetic because they didn't agree with my decision to vote for NONE OF THESE CANDIDATES instead of Hillary Clinton... Sure there are many reasons to not vote for Hillary, but I don't think someone whose "winning" strategy to elevate Donald Trump to be their opponent, deserves to be voted for, because what is the worst that could happen?

 I don't know if the Statue Quo Democrats are just so scared of Donald Trump that they accept mediocrity from their candidates or they just have so much blind faith that they don't realize they are supporting turds... Whatever the reason they are major dicks! If you dare disagree with them they will shout over you & repeat talking points someone else pulled out of their ass and fed to them. 

 They applaud Nancy Pelosi for inventing the "fuck you" clap & ignore stories about one of her top aides assuring insurance executives that the Democrats will not be pursuing Medicare for All... How about that condescending remark about the Green New Deal? Even though they suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome they some how ignore Kamala Harris passing on prosecuting Steve Mnuchin....blah, blah, blah,

 For those that are wondering, I don't think all or even most Liberals &/or Progressives are this way, I am just talking about the stick in the butt, no fun, Republican lite brand of Democrats... If you are mad by this, it is because you are one of them.

 I could go on, but I don't really enjoy this topic... even though it is chilly by Las Vegas standards it is a beautiful days and I need to stop focusing on these fucking dicks & focus on drawing some dicks! 

Sunday, February 3, 2019

365 Days of Cock A.D. 229

In celebration of Puppy Bowl 2019 I bring you Donald Trump's head on a puppy's body licking his dick... I think we would be better off if Trump could lick his own dick, he would sit at home & refrain from Tweeting about a caravan or those damn Dems, & I think we would be spared from hearing him fart out of his mouth... Happy Puppy Bowl 2019!

 Snuggle your dogs (or cats) & I'll see you at the Tuscon, AZ Neko Case gig... 

365 Days of Cock A.D. 228

Recently I was listening to Doug Stanhopes podcast when I heard something that really cracked me up, "PP in the potty" Doug and the gang were grilling their friend Gump about the shitty job he did house sitting Morgan Murphy's house & if my memory serves me right this was Gump's big take away from his intervention... listen for yourself on episode #275 HERE