Wednesday, September 2, 2020

365 Days of Cock A.D. 408

 Today I went to Record City because I was desperate to do something that felt normal, it was a bad idea, I left feeling depressed and the whole time I was there I felt so uncomfortable. The majority of the problem was that I haven't really ventured out since March and that mental illness has really taken over, but the regulars that don't seem to buy anything but need someone to talk to just added to it, don't get me wrong that is one of the many reasons I love Record City. I did score an Exene Cervenka solo album, not sure how good it is... also if you are a young punk Joey has a reissue of Beach Blvd, scoop that up, that record rules...

 I am thinking about changing the format of this page and using it for all of my art, might trim out some of the 365 posts that I am not digging, but not sure, maybe add more writings, pics, and whatever, would ask what you think but no one looks at this so it doesn't matter

 I am in a weird place, I hope you are not, I hope you are well and staying healthy!